Cables, rods and wall mounts

For a wide range of commercial and residential layout possibilities.

  1. General Details

    SPACELINE systems allow you to hang your shelves (glass or wooden), panels, banners, posters, hanging bars, cubes and other displays for an original, light yet solid look.

    A line of rods with specific accessories for frame presentation is also available.

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  2. Cables and rods

    The SPACELINE cable and rod systems come with suspension cables in three thicknesses, suspension rods and wall ties in three thicknesses that offer a wide range of commercial and residential design possibilities.

  3. Wall mounts

    SPACELINE wall mounts (stand-offs) are made of aluminium and very resistant. They’re an ideal solution to any signage problem.

    With them, you can affix panels, displays, poster holders and many other types of products to the wall. It is also possible to create a raised countertop.